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Boston Children’s Hospital says children can know they’re transgender ‘from the womb’ in deleted video

Boston Children’s Hospital says children can know they’re transgender ‘from the womb’ in deleted video

One of the nation’s top children’s hospitals has generated controversy over a video claiming that some children know their gender identity before they are born.

Boston Children’s Hospital posted a video on their YouTube channel in August where a psychologist explains that “a good portion” of children she sees at the hospital’s Gender MultiSpecialty Service (GeMS) clinic know their gender identity “from the womb,” according to video captured first by The Daily Mail.

The video features the text, “Caring for young transgender kids.”

Dr. Kerry McGregor goes on to say in the video that some children express their gender identity as soon as they can talk. “They may say phrases like ‘I’m a girl’ or ‘I’m a boy,'” she states.

“Kids know very, very early,” the psychologist claims. “We see a variety of young children, all the way down to ages 2 and 3 and usually up to the ages of 9.”

Boston Children’s did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Fox News Digital about the video.

The hospital’s website claims the GeMS clinic treats “gender-diverse children, teens, and young adults” with “gender-affirming care” that includes “physical and psychological assessment, ongoing medical care, and additional referrals as needed.”

The Harvard-affiliated hospital created the first pediatric and adolescent transgender health program in America, according to their Center for Gender Surgery website.

The hospital has come under fire recently after it modified language on its website stating it performs gender-affirmation surgeries on minors. The website now states teens must be 18 years old to be eligible for surgery.

A spokesperson for the facility previously explained to Fox News Digital that the language had been updated and 17-year-olds were only eligible for surgical consultations.

Other children’s hospitals have attracted concerns as well for the services they offer to their patients.

Children’s National Hospital in Washington D.C., listed “gender-affirming medical care and gender-affirming hysterectomy” among the services offered for “patients between the ages of 0-21,” according to internet archives, Fox reported.

However, the website appeared to delete the reference after the conservative Twitter account Libs of TikTok highlighted it.

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