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Conservative ivy-league professor on why he hasn’t been canceled

(THE COLLEGE FIX) – Robert George, a well known conservative professor of jurisprudence and politics at Princeton University, recently provided encouraging advice to younger academics seeking a career in academia in an era of campus cancel culture.

“I did not hide,” George wrote on his Facebook page Sunday. “Although I knew it would be risky, and I might end up as a casualty, from the very beginning of my career I spoke the truth as best I could grasp the truth. … I resolved that I would refuse to be intimidated or bullied. If, as a result, I was knocked out of academia, I’d go do something else. Looking back, I now see that this was the key,” George wrote.

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The professor’s comments came about as the result of his initial post about a discussion on marriage he’d had with students, focusing on the complementary nature of men and women, with their bodies as two aspects of a whole reproductive system.

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