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(Scott Johnson)

Ranked choice voting may not have “the primal eldest curse upon’t,” but it nevertheless “smells to heaven.” Case in point: Alaska’s ranked choice voting scheme has now delivered Democrat Mary Peltola to represent this Republican state in the House of Representatives. Living with it, Kim Strassel called it out as “the hell that is Alaska’s election system” in her lucid October 27 Wall Street Journal column “The ‘ranked choice’ scam.” See also Brendan Patrick Purdy’s Law & Liberty essay “The Flaws of Ranked Choice.”

In a second test of the gag reflex, we learn that Lisa Murkowski defeated Kelly Tschibaka in the contest for the Senate seat that was on the ballot. I fought the gag and the gag won. Murkowski’s triumph is only fitting. Anticipating that she might have a hard time winning a head-to-head contest, Murkowski herself seems to have helped foist the jerry-rigged scheme on Alaska. See my August 20 post “Murky in Alaska” (drawing on the work of Project Veritas).

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