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(Scott Johnson)

On the day before Thanksgiving the fallacious Dr. Fauci was put under oath for a deposition. Dr. Fauci was deposed in the lawsuit brought by Missouri and Louisiana against the federal government for colluding with Big Tech social media companies to suppress free speech bearing on the epidemic. Fauci was of course the General Buck Turgidson of the epidemic: “Gentlemen, gentlemen, we can’t have free speech — this is the United States of America.”

John took note of one strand of Dr. Fauci’s testimony here yesterday. Another strand addressed masks. I swear, they mean to bring them back along with vaccination mandates. They will not give up. On the mask folly, see (among other things) Jeffrey Anderson’s Claremont Review of Books essay “The masking of America.”

saving lives to be bothered by such trivialities, but he’s certain that they show masks work.
Also, he made the court reporter wear a mask because she was sniffling, even though she said it was allergies. “The last thing in the world I want is to get covid.”
That’s verbatim. 2/2

— Jenin Younes (@Leftylockdowns1) November 24, 2022

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