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The following information comes from an article from my esteemed colleague, Michael Haynes at LifeSiteNews, and I have mixed in my brazen and snarky commentary throughout.

Before we continue, we should define a term, the term popesplainer.

What is a popesplainer?

Simply put, popesplainers are most of the talking heads on Catholic YouTube who gaslight you into thinking that Pope Francis doesn’t preach what amounts to at least materially heretical statements.

Relax guys, no one here is “judging the pope” in a formal sense, as that is not up to me.

Also, please don’t pretend that anything is lost in translation, porque el Papa dijo lo que dijo en español, un idioma que hablo con fluidez.

That is Spanish for “the pope said what he said in Spanish, a language I speak fluently.”

Devo dirlo in Italiano? Ou peut-être en Français?

We can get pretty linguistic up in here if we have to.

Haynes wrote:

Pope Francis has once again condemned Catholic efforts of evangelization, stating that “Catholicism is not proselytism,” while adding he has “no explanation” for the drop in vocations in recent decades.

The Pontiff made the comments in an interview he gave to Spanish language news outlet Mundo Negro back in mid-December, which was published on January 13.

He made the statement while fielding a question about the Second Vatican Council, having been asked whether the Church’s “mission” had changed since the Council and if “the Church and the people need another Mission.”

“Thank God, yes,” replied Francis. “Historians say that it takes 100 years for a council to have a complete result, so it is halfway there. So many things have changed in the Church, so many things for the better…”

The 86-year-old Pope referenced what he described as “two interesting signs.” Firstly he stated that the “first imprudent effervescences of the Council have already disappeared,” clarifying that he was referring to “liturgical effervescences.” His second suggestion that the Council was having an effect on the Church was that “anti-conciliar resistances are emerging, resistances that were not seen before, something typical of every process of maturity.”

Let’s pause here for a second.

None of this should shock us at this point, but in essence the pope has said that if you are a traditionalist, then you are immature.

Ah yes, those immature Catholics who think we should not be Modernists, heretics, liberals or most modern day Jesuits — but I repeat myself.

Those immature nincompoops who say things like: “Hey, we should probably heed the words of the Council of Trent and still follow them,” or “it is probably not a good idea to keep doing stuff that caused everyone to leave the Church and go to hell.”

I know, such immaturity on display.

Not only are Trads immature, but the bestest thing to happen at Vatican II had to do with culture and diversity, oh, and trying to convert people is a sin.

Francis welcomed changes which he attributed to the Council, such as an increased “respect for cultures” and the “inculturation of the Gospel” – things which were an “indirect consequence of the Council.”

Highlighting this “evangelization of culture,” Francis expanded by saying that he was talking of “evangelizing, of announcing, and nothing more, with much respect.”

Perhaps we might harken back to those days of pre-Christian paganism, you know, the days of human sacrifice, ritual sex slavery, polygamy, superstition and all that fun stuff.

How much better it would have been if the Spanish missionaries would’ve encountered those Aztecs where they were at in their faith journey, and not tried to convince them to stop cutting out human hearts and eating them while they were still warm.

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