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WATCH: Chaos Erupts at Temecula School Board Meeting in California Over the District Hiring Anti-Critical Race Theory Consultant


Chaos erupted at the Temecula school board meeting in California over the district hiring an anti-critical race theory consultant.

Liberals in the district took issue with the consultant’s hiring because they claimed that CRT is not being taught in the Temecula Valley Unified School District.

The meeting went off the rails when a black man spoke during the public comment section about the “black experience” in the United States.

‘Since the first ship came to Virginia, my family’s been here. We’ve been slaves for 400 years’ — This Black man held nothing back while speaking out against CRT bans during a Temecula Valley, CA, school district hearing

— NowThis (@nowthisnews) March 24, 2023

“Your continued blatant and willful ignorance of the Black experience in this country is not only shameful, but also detrimental to the growth and education of our children,” the man said.

Caught a little bit of who we now know as Deon, who spoke so eloquently at the school board meeting in Temecula last night, before he was told by a woman to ‘go to another country!’ as he walked back to his seat

— THEE Fiery_Maliha (@fierymaliha) March 23, 2023

A woman in the crowd shouted that he could leave the country.

The man became irate and started yelling at her about how his family came to America “400 years ago” as slaves.

At this point, others in the crowd began demanding that the woman be removed from the public meeting — as sheriffs approached the man who had been speaking. He was ultimately asked to leave, according to posts on social media.

A Black man at a school board meeting in Temecula, CA is thrown out for confronting a woman who told him to “leave the country”

— Marjorie Gaylor Queen (@Tim_Tweeted) March 23, 2023

The rowdy crowd chanted, “take the woman,” and some could be heard screaming that she was a “bigot.”

UPDATE: Temecula Valley Unified School District held their CRT event tonight. After a black community member made a public comment, he was told by a white woman to leave the country if he didn’t like it.

Chaos erupted when a Trustee tried removing the man NOT the racist woman.

— InMinivanHell (@inminivanhell) March 23, 2023

ABC 7 reports that the board had voted 3-2 in favor of banning critical race theory from being taught to children in K-12. The resolution directly called the teachings “racist ideology” that assigns generational guilt over injustices that may have occurred in the past.

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