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I choose Ron DeSantis 

Under three years of President Joe Biden, our country has suffered. Our southern border is a wreck, crime is skyrocketing, the cost of living is rising, and our adversaries across the world are empowered and emboldened by weak leadership from the Oval Office.  

We need a conservative warrior who will do whatever it takes to restore American greatness. We need a battle-tested leader, one who will stand firm against destructive socialist ideologies seeking to poison new generations against the very faith and freedoms that built this country.  

We need Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to be the next president of the United States. 

Gov. DeSantis has demonstrated a bold, principled vision of the future. I am convinced that he can fight, he can win, and the American people will prosper.  

I had the privilege of serving our country in the United States Marine Corps for 16 years — then in the Navy for four more as an emergency room doctor. Deployments across the world shaped my perspective. I learned about service, sacrifice, and the true cost of freedom. Gov. DeSantis is a vet too, having honorably and capably served in the Navy. His dedication to our country is clear, and I trust him to keep our military strong while protecting servicemembers and veterans from woke politics and broken promises.  

This is something I take very seriously. I serve on the House Armed Services Committee, where we ensure that America’s men and women in uniform are safe, supported, and supplied to protect this nation. I also work on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, where we analyze the threats and opportunities America faces across the globe. Ron DeSantis understands the importance of peace through strength — and he knows the stakes.  

Ron DeSantis also knows what we’re fighting for: a free society. As governor of Florida, he endured endless media lies and mockery for following science and letting citizens manage their own health decisions. He championed the right of students to receive an education and the right of parents to guide that education. And he protected children from anti-science gender fads being jammed into Florida’s schools. He knows that classrooms are for learning, not indoctrination by angry, blue-haired radicals. 

I’ve seen the positive results of the governor’s leadership firsthand during our congressional investigation on the effects of lockdowns, mandates, and school closures on hardworking American families. Too many politicians were afraid to stand up to Washington bureaucrats and union bosses trying to interfere with millions of lives and livelihoods. Not Gov. DeSantis. He didn’t flinch from a fight. He never backed down.  

Results under pressure are important when determining who is going to lead the free world. But this election is bigger than resumes and rhetoric.  

This election is about trust. Who can we trust to empower the people, stop the radical left, spur economic growth, and keep us safe? 

This election is about character. Who will serve with dignity, keep his word, remain faithful to our founding principles, and make us proud to call him our president? 

Most importantly, this election is not about the past, it’s about the future.  

Americans need leadership that will lift us up and unite us; leadership that celebrates our God-given rights as the fundamental source of our equality, not as things to be resented or subverted. 

Ron DeSantis possesses this leadership as a bold conservative, a man of character, and a champion of our values. He’s not only our best chance to beat Joe Biden, but to grow the conservative movement with a positive message that appeals to millions of our countrymen. 

America stands at a crossroads in history, the kind of moment Ronald Reagan called “a time for choosing.” 

I choose unity over division. I choose patriotism over pessimism. I choose strong borders, safe streets, and an America where neither Washington nor Wall Street get to tell our families what ideas to believe or what things to treasure.   

I choose Ron DeSantis. He’s what America desperately needs. 

Rich McCormick represents Georgia’s 6th District. 

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