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Justin Trudeau Championing “2SLGBTQI+” Rights

Justin Trudeau Championing “2SLGBTQI+” Rights

When we first happened upon the below clip of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking in a town hall event at the University of Winnipeg earlier in the week, we thought it must be parody footage. After all, what rational and serious individual can say with a straight face “2SLGBTQI+”…?

But the sad reality is that woke discourse in Canada as the only allowable public standard has long gone far beyond Portlandia levels of parody. Trudeau, ironically enough, was lambasting the ongoing pushback against Bud Light and other corporations for their so brazenly pushing trans dogma in ad campaigns. Trudeau said, “It’s scary to see what’s happening in the United States. Whether it’s 2SLGBTQI+ rights that are being constantly attackedmy government will never let that happen.”

Justin Trudeau is furious parents in America are boycotting corporate brands that are forcing transgender ideology on customers and children.

He’s furious they’re banning gender affirming surgery on children.

He is furious they’re banning drag queen story time in pre-schools.

— Pelham (@Resist_05) May 27, 2023


How many times did Trudeau have to practice this confusing tongue-twisting acronym in the mirror in order to say it in public? 

But alas, in the land of Canada this is now a sacred official acronym, per an official government web page describing “2SLGBTQI+ terminology – Glossary and common acronyms”.

The Canadian government source explains these things are “continuously evolving”. Of course, we might add that this signals the Canadian people are soon to get bombarded with ever growing and long-winded 2SLGBTQI+ “explanations” for this expanding alphabet soup/Skittles list of acronyms and state-sanctioned terminology: 

2SLGBTQI+ terminology is continuously evolving. As a result, it is important to note that this list is not exhaustive and these definitions are a starting point to understanding 2SLGBTQI+ identities and issues.

Different 2SLGBTQI+ individuals and communities may have broader or more specific understandings of these terms.

We’re not sure precisely when the prime minister and his government upgraded from LGBTQI+ to 2SLGBTQI+, but again it must mean his officials are busy practicing just trying say this, or are at least trying to wrap their heads around the “2SL” part of it. Is it like upgrading to the next version of Microsoft Windows, or the luxury trim and model of a car?

Canada has produced the above nifty little visual to help us understand, just in time for “Pride” month.

But we’re not sure that this official government explanation actually helps clarify things

(also Two Spirit or Two-Spirited). An English term used to broadly capture concepts traditional to many Indigenous cultures. It is a culturally-specific identity used by some Indigenous people to indicate a person whose gender identity, spiritual identity and/or sexual orientation comprises both male and female spirits.

If you say 2SLGBTQI+ 3 times in the dark, black faced Trudeau pops out.

— Aaron (@AaronPyne4) May 27, 2023

Meanwhile, the real question remains…

Why is this man still in office?

“Trudeau says he can’t recall how many times he wore blackface makeup”

— The Whatever (@thewhatever) May 25, 2023

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