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Former Trump Aide Publishes Almost 10,000 Hunter Biden Laptop Photos Online – Includes Never Before Seen Photos


On October 26, 2020, The Gateway Pundit came out with a series of articles that shed light on what was in the Hunter Biden laptop. 

These articles didn’t discuss the many millions and millions of dollars the Biden family had accumulated over the years with foreign actors.  These articles discussed the perversions within the family, the potential blackmail, and the family’s related cover-ups.

The first article was promoted widely by The Gateway Pundit hours before being released.  It received a lot of attention on the morning of October 26th.

The article was released.  It was an indictment on the Biden family’s response to Hunter Biden having inappropriate relations with a minor.  Joe and Jill Biden knew.  The FBI had the laptop.  If the FBI looked into the laptop, the FBI also knew.  The article exploded on the Internet.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Text Messages Show VP Biden and His Wife Colluded to Suppress HUNTER’S ACTIONS WITH A CERTAIN MINOR

Unfortunately, TGP’s Joe Hoft was prevented from sharing this article on Twitter.

The next day, another article on the Biden family was released from information on the laptop.  This article showed Hunter in perverted acts with shady characters.  One of the characters had a Russian passport.  This was blackmail material and the Bidens had to know it.

This article was shared on Twitter.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden’s “RUSSIAN BLACKMAIL PHOTOS” Uncovered – Hunter with Russians in Hollywood

On October 28, TGP released another article from information on the laptop which also reported on the perversions within the Biden family.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden Held Inappropriate Pictures of Certain Minor — Joe Biden Is Lying

This article appears to have been prevented from being posted on Twitter as well.

The next day, October 29th, two articles came out from TGP on the Biden family.  Both appear to have been shared on Twitter.  The second article showed that Hunter had a Pornhub account where he uploaded pictures, including at least one picture of a family member.

HUGE BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden Has a PornHub Account Where He Uploaded His Personal Porn – Including with Family Member

Twitter and the FBI must have blown their lids when the articles above were released at TGP.  They prevented at least two of these articles from being shared on Twitter.

Now, the Biden family was not only criminals engaging in pay-for-play activities in the millions around the globe, they were perverted criminals engaging in pay-for-play.

Twitter and the FBI had a problem that they were attempting to cover-up.  It was the Bidens. 

Note that the source for this information from the Hunter Biden laptop was XRVision. 

Fast forward to today… The rest of the internet is catching up.

Thousands of Hunter Biden photos have been published online for public consumption. These include never before seen photos.

Garrett Ziegler, the founder of Marco Polo, told Fox News that he launched a website contains almost 10,000 photos of Hunter spanning from 2008 to 2019. He said the process took months to complete.

The good news (or bad news if you are a person with prurient interests) is the website will be somewhat family friendly. All genitalia will be redacted.

It’s taken us a couple of months to, one, go through the photos, about 10,000 of them, and redact the genitalia on the photos.

Ziegler said he decided to create the website for one simple purpose: truth and transparency. The American public needs to know what the Biden family is like, he argues.

The number one thing we’re about… is truth and transparency. If the American people want to know what their first family is like, they’re going to get it. And we’re not going to be taking out photos that paint the Bidens in a good light.

Ziegler also revealed multiple photos containing individuals’ private information were redacted. These include images containing Social Security numbers, banking information, and credit card numbers.

The former Trump aide noted multiple nude photos of Hallie Biden, the widow of Beau Biden, were censored.

Ziegler did show Fox News two never before seen photos related to Hunter. As the network reported, one photo shows Hunter snuggling up to his then-lover Zoe Kestan in 2018. The second image features an assortment of drugs and a condom wrapper sitting on a table.

The latter photo was from a text message conversation Hunter had with Hallie Biden.

Contrary to public perception, Ziegler insisted to Fox News the website is not a hit job against Joe Biden’s ne’er do well son.

There’s a picture of a letter that Hunter’s daughter, Finnegan, wrote to, I assume, troops stationed overseas, like in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It’s an adorable letter. Finnegan’s around 9 years old at the time, and it definitely paints the Bidens in a good light.

As of this writing, is under heavy stress.

Our servers for are under heavy stress and we are working to get it fully functional and secured. Incredible engagement already in the first couple hours.

— Marco Polo (@MarcoPolo501c3) June 1, 2023

Ziegler also claimed that videos from the laptop will be available for public consumption later in the year.

The Gateway Pundit has not confirmed the authenticity of all of the thousands of images on the website.

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