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FLORENCE COUNTY, S.C. – Military authorities are conducting a search for an F-35 fighter jet in the vicinity of Charleston, South Carolina, following an incident on Sunday afternoon in which the pilot successfully ejected.

The pilot safely ejected from the aircraft following an unspecified “mishap” involving the jet and was subsequently transported to a local medical facility in stable condition, as reported by Joint Base Charleston.

Emergency response teams are presently engaged in locating the aircraft, specifically an F-35B Lightning II jet.

The aircraft’s most recent known location places it in proximity to Lake Moultrie and Lake Marion, two significant bodies of water situated northwest of Charleston. Joint Base Charleston has appealed to the public for assistance in locating the aircraft and urged cooperation with both military and civilian authorities as the search operation progresses.

This F-35 jet is affiliated with Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron 501, a specialized unit dedicated to training pilots to meet their annual training obligations, as outlined on the unit’s website.

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