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“Weather was a weapon used over Vietnam,” says US Air Force Major General Richard H Roellig. “Would you expect that to be deleted from the availability? No! They continue to expand the scientific aspects of it, to have it available in your portfolio of weaponry would be a natural process. Should you expect it to be available on demand to have the ability to modify weather? Absolutely. Within this country. And others.”

“Climate engineering is the crown jewel of the Military-Industrial Complex. It has been used to topple nations all over the globe, facilitating the takeover of hostile countries. We know some of these countries have had their precipitation cut off, like Iran, which stated so on the floor of the U.N.” – Dane Wigington

These days if I despair I think of Keats and his nostrum, “some say the world is a vale of tears, I call it a place of soul making.” Then I take some pleasure in thinking of my contemporaries being held to account in the afterlife, forced to look at the results of their inaction, their vanity, their self-cherishing, their lack of heart.

At which point I realize I am equally to blame.

I live in a place, rich beyond your imaginings times mine, and then multiplied by several orders of magnitude. Everyone wants to live here. British Columbia is mind-blowingly beautiful, and the province has ten biogeoclimatic zones which means there is terrain for everyone. Beach? Yep. Rainforest? Yup. Rangeland? Oil sands? Lake country? Ski hills? Verdant farmlands? White capped mountains? Blue blue sea? Hundreds of islands? Perfect boating? Yup. Yup. Yup.  The wealth comes from multiple techtonic plates colliding during the last Ice Age, creating a variety, a diversity, to be found nowhere else on earth. Our resources are immeasurable. We have everything this century and the next millennium will require and it could fuel half our galaxy. That’s how rich we are.

Lyndon Johnson: “He who controls the weather, will control the world”.

Yet it was all shut down. By the Rockefellers, who fund every environmental group in the world through a bewildering organizational tree to the tune of billions a year. By Bobby Kennedy Jr. and ignorant boomers on a narcissistic tear that they were saving the world from capitalism. Our forests, the largest industrial forest in the world, used to pay for health care and education before RFKJr came to town with his Hollywood glamor and law degree. Today our principal fiscal driver is public debt, international crime, money-laundering and human trafficking and instead of good resource-led jobs, people labor away in “tourism”, making minimum wage.  Our port is the second largest on the west coast of North and South America, and through it comes God knows what horrors. We launder, in the city of Vancouver, most of the drug money from North America, and no doubt much of the human trafficking money. We launder it through casinos and real estate in the picaresque inner city neighborhoods built before the modernists came to town and trashed every house and building with their ghastly ideas.  No one born in Vancouver can afford those beautiful houses anymore. They are lived in by members of drug cartels, mostly Asian. This is called The Vancouver Model, and it is being advanced in every major city that is vulnerable, and a desirable place to live for the criminals who run our governments and the cartels that feed off us.

That is the legacy of the environmental movement.

Every weather scientist lies under a gag order.

And yet, my contemporaries laze away their days, practicing their ‘arts’, travelling to exotic places, comfort-seeking, eating, drinking, decorating. Not entirely ignorant, but upon themselves, they have imposed powerlessness. Most are materialists, I suppose, get as much of the good stuff, the sweet stuff before you die. For some reason they are self-righteous as hell. Do not disturb me with your facts. Bring up something not all sweetness and light? Shut up!

Here is another abomination wrought by the environmental movement.

Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Minister of Defense, “Geoengineering is the most dangerous diabolical thing that has ever happened to us.”

Down in the valley below me, a friend lives in his cunningly retrofitted trailer (with a thin tin roof) and evenings, when everyone else is glued to Netflix, he hears the military jets come in from the base north of us and he goes out to watch them cover the skies with trails, criss-crossing the valley like tic tac toe and he wakes the next morning to an aluminum mist that falls and falls around him. And us. Then it rains.

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