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Boebert’s estranged husband defends her amid blowback over ‘Beetlejuice’ behavior

Rep. Lauren Boebert’s (R-Colo.) estranged husband is defending the Colorado lawmaker amid blowback after her behavior during a performance of “Beetlejuice” last week led to her being removed from the theater.

“I am asking for you all to show grace and mercy towards Lauren in this troubling season,” Jayson Boebert wrote in a Facebook post on Monday. “She deserves a chance to earn your forgiveness and regain trust. I have broke her down in so many ways, but she will come out stronger as she always does, and so will I.” 

Lauren Boebert, along with a male companion, were escorted out of a Denver theater in the middle of the performance last week for causing a disturbance, including vaping, singing and taking flash photography. The theater said she and the man initially refused to leave the venue, even after an employee threatened to get the police, according to The Associated Press. While being escorted out of the theater, the lawmaker appeared to give the finger to security guards. 

The incident was first reported by The Denver Post. A spokesperson for Lauren Boebert initially denied that she had been vaping, but video has since surfaced showing her doing so.

The lawmaker, who married Jayson Boebert in 2006, filed for divorce in May, citing “irreconcilable differences.” 

In his Monday Facebook post, Jayson Boebert complimented her as an “exceptional wife, mother and now grandmother.” He said he takes “full responsibility for his actions” and “deeply regrets” the choices he made during their marriage. 

“This has been a devastating divorce that I hold all responsibility for,” he wrote. “It upsets me that everyone believes she left me over fame or new lifestyle. That is far from the truth.” 

“I stand behind you. You are the hardest working person I know, selfless and overflowing with love,” he continued, addressing his estranged wife. “I hate the attacks that are coming your way. In part, this is my fault and you don’t deserve this.” 

Facing backlash over the incident, Lauren Boebert has apologized for her behavior and falsely denying she had vaped.

“The past few days have been difficult and humbling, and I’m truly sorry for the unwanted attention my Sunday evening in Denver has brought to the community,” she said in a Facebook post on Friday. “While none of my actions or words as a private citizen that night were intended to be malicious or meant to cause harm, the reality is they did and I regret that.”

In an interview with TMZ on Monday, the lawmaker said she is cancelling “all future date nights.” 

“It’s always hard whenever there’s gravity put on the voters. I’m here to provide levity, and lift burdens off of people,” she told TMZ. “So anytime that they’re carrying mine, it’s something that you kind of feel deep inside.”

“But ultimately, all future date nights have been canceled. And I learned to check party affiliations before you go on a date,” she added, an apparent reference to reports that her date at the performance is a Democrat. 

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