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CHAOS: AOC heckled by furious New Yorkers over immigrant crisis

It’s not just Mayor Eric Adams who’s worried about his sanctuary city being overrun by illegal immigrants as Governor Greg Abbott continues to bus them out of Texas.

Now, New Yorkers themselves are starting to get angry.

“Welcome to our nightmare,” Pat Gray says, who notes that New York is not even one of the border states dealing with millions of illegal immigrants crossing over every year.

One New York resident gave her message to One America News: “My message is close the border,” she said, adding, “They put them first, put Americans last.”

When asked about whether or not AOC, who was holding a press conference in Midtown with Jerry Nadler, was responsive to messages like hers, the resident said, “No.”

“She kept on talking the same thing, housing for migrants, work for migrants, but what about our homeless veterans? What about our homeless Americans? Puts the migrants first, U.S. last,” she continued.

She isn’t the only New Yorker who’s angry.

Another resident told One America News that “this is up to each and every one of us to stand up. Nobody’s coming here for us. We’re here for ourselves. If we don’t get up and fight for our city, nobody’s coming for us. They’re coming and destroying it. The reason why they’re here is to steal our votes.”

“We’re not going to be able to live. They’re stealing our votes, our kids’ future, my birthright, our United States, this great city that I refuse to leave,” he continued.

Even more New Yorkers took to the streets yelling, “Send them back,” and “Close the border, close the border. Respect the Constitution, AOC. I am your constituent.”

Gray and Keith Malinak believe this may just be what New York needed for a red wave.

“Busing people to the Northeast has been one of the most successful political moves of all time,” Gray says, adding that “it has woken up the Northeast corridor to what’s going on here at the border.”

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