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Most Americans skeptical of Big Tech


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The Big Story 

Majority in poll say Big Tech has ‘too much’ market power

The majority of Americans said Big Tech companies like  Google, Amazon and Meta have “too much power in the market,” according to a poll released Tuesday. 

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The poll, first shared with The Hill, was conducted by Data for Progress on behalf of The American Economic Liberties Project, a vocal critic of tech giants.


Asked to choose between two statements that best fit their view of Big Tech companies, 60 percent said the companies “have too much power in the market, which puts competitors at a disadvantage and hurts both smaller businesses and consumers.” 


The majority opinion was shared across party lines with 65 percent of Democrats, 63 percent of independents and 53 percent of Republicans expressing that view, according to the poll. 


Just 30 percent of respondents said the companies “showcase the best of American innovation and capitalism, and are deserving of the profits and market power they have achieved.” 


The poll surveyed 1,227 likely voters nationally using web panel responses between Sept. 13 and 14. The poll was conducted just after the start of the trial over the Department of Justice’s antitrust case targeting Google’s power in the search market.


The poll also found that 58 percent of respondents would be open to trying an alternative search engine introduced by Apple.


The government argues that Google has stifled innovation by harming rivals through anticompetitive practices. Google has pushed back and argued the value of its products has allowed the company to become a default search engine, rather than through harming rivals. 


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Essential Reads 

How policy will be impacting the tech sector now and in the future:

Amazon announced Tuesday that it will hire a quarter million new workers starting this month as the holiday shopping season nears. The company is also raising the starting pay for the new full-time, part-time and seasonal workers to an average of $20.50 per hour, it said. “Whether someone is looking for a short-term way to make extra money, or is hoping to take their first step toward a fulfilling and rewarding career at Amazon, …

A group of experts and abortion-rights advocates have launched a new chatbot called Charley in an effort to help women access abortion care in the U.S.  A website for the chatbot says it was created to help people learn more about their possible options when seeking abortion care, especially in states where the procedure has been restricted. Charley will provide users with information about different abortion care methods, …

Virginia and 17 other GOP-led states filed a brief in support of Montana in a lawsuit it faces from social media giant TikTok. The lawsuit was filed in May in federal court by TikTok over the Montana’s first-in-the-nation law that will ban the social media platform from operating in the Treasure State at the beginning of next year. It will also bar app stores from allowing it to be downloaded. TikTok has argued Montana’s ban …

The Refresh 

News we’ve flagged from the intersection of tech and other topics:

Google launches new features for artificial intelligence tool 

Google announced its artificial intelligence (AI) tool Bard will have new features, including browser extensions for Google Flights, Google Maps and Google Drive, as well as Google-owned YouTube, Mashable reported

What Sam Bankman-Fried’s parents bought with FTX funds

The Verge broke down how Bankman-Fried’s parents allegedly used FTX funds, as laid out in a lawsuit filed by lawyers representing what is left of FTX. 

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Upcoming news themes and events we’re watching:

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The Senate Commerce Committee will consider nominations to Federal Trade Commission on Wednesday at 10 a.m. ET.

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In Other News 

Branch out with other reads on The Hill:

California law restricting companies’ use of information from kids online is halted by federal judge

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) — A federal judge has halted implementation of a California law intended to restrict companies’ use of information gathered from young internet users in order to protect the privacy of minors. U.S. District Judge Beth Labson Freeman on Monday granted a preliminary injunction, …

In its bid to curb misinformation, TikTok said on Tuesday it will begin launching a new tool that will help creators label AI-generated content they produce. TikTok said in a news release that the tool will help creators easily comply with the company’s existing AI policy, which requires all …

What Others are Reading 

Two key stories on The Hill right now:

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) is set to release a tell-all book this fall chronicling her meteoric rise to fame, as one of the nation’s most … Read more

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What Others are Reading 

Opinions related to tech submitted to The Hill:

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