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NYC Drug Lab Daycare Kills 1 Yr Old, Cops Find Kilo of Fentanyl Inside, City Crime Rising from Lax Leftist Laws


On Friday, a 1 year old died at a NYC daycare when he and two other children, were exposed to Fentanyl.

Nicholas Dominici, a 1-year-old child, was rushed to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

A 2-year-old boy and an 8-month-old girl were also both “unconscious and unresponsive,” the police said. All three showed symptoms of opioid exposure, according to police.

A neighbor told the New York Times that one of the women who worked at the center ran out around 2:45pm screaming that she could not wake the children from nap time.

The daycare operator and one other have been arrested over the weekend and booked. A third accomplice is still at-large.

The NY Post is reporting, from law enforcement sources, that the daycare owner called three friends before calling 911, as the children laid nearby overdosing on Fentanyl exposure.

Cops also later found a kilogram (2.2 lbs) of Fentanyl at the daycare. Neighbors said it was an open secret that it was a drug lab, even though it passed ‘surprise inspections’ from the City of New York.

Major crimes are up in NYC by 22%. The Left-wing law experiment of free bail, light law enforcement, and soft-on-crime prosecutions are making NYC into an unlivable left-wing hellhole. Open air no-law-enforcement drug use zones were tried in NYC. Leftists celebrated the expansion of drug addiction and its lax enforcement by NYC, calling it a ‘national model.

70,601 people died in 2021 from Fentanyl overdoses.

Meanwhile the New York Times is arguing in editorials this summer that society should go easier on drug dealers. Because mean laws might make it harder for drug dealers to get good jobs.

Here’s part of their twisted left-wing logic of personal destruction:

“…drug busts may increase overdose risk while saddling addicted people with criminal records that lower their odds of recovery by making them less employable.”

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