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Battlefield Massacre: Wounded Ukrainian Soldier Vows to ‘Shoot Himself in the Leg’ Rather Than Go Back to the Front – Russian Forces Have a New Radio Frequency to Inform Kiev’s Troops How to Surrender, 800 Troops Have Done So


After over three months of its failed counteroffensive, Ukraine has conquered only 0,25% of the territory controlled by the Russians, after over 71k troops losses and over 500 tanks.

Let me repeat: $110 billion after, Kiev’s regime captured one quarter of one percent of the territory it sought.

This is only worsening the massive draft dodger operation inside the country, as Kiev is now drafting the too young, and the old, the infirm, and even medical women.

The low morale of all those Ukrainian soldiers who are already unwilling to see action has never been clearer, as we can see in this story first published in The Times (behind paywall).

Sputnik reported:

“Ukrainian draft dodgers “dream up extreme ways” to avoid the frontline as the country is struggling to tackle low morale in the army, a UK newspaper has reported.

As an example, the newspaper referenced a 20-year-old injured Ukrainian soldier, who now says he will never come back to the frontline, not least due to his commanders’ indifferent attitude toward him.”

The soldier, mentioned by the first name Andrey, deserted from his unit after being discharged from hospital still with bullet fragments in his left shoulder.

He was ordered to return to the front, but remains hidden in a refuge in the western Ukrainian city of Lvov, where he vows to take the most extreme measures no to return to the front.

‘I am absolutely ready to shoot myself in the leg rather than ever go back to the front‘, Andrey, who described himself as ‘a contract soldier’ and “a professional,” told the newspaper.”

Andrey was especially frustrated over the corrupt way that he was handled by a Ukrainian military medical commission.

“’The doctors said that they couldn’t take all the bullet fragments out without the risk of damaging nerves so badly that I’d lose the use of my arm. One doctor offered to write me a certificate saying I was unfit for future service if I paid him $1,500. But I didn’t take his offer. At the time I was still angry, keen to fight the Russians and to get my revenge for my dead friends’, the 20-year-old was cited by the newspaper as saying.”

He was ordered to return to his combat unit on the frontline in the Donbass, because the authorities did not consider him to be ‘sufficiently wounded’ to warrant a discharge, and didn’t deserve a fully-fledged surgery abroad either.

After he asked his battalion commander for help, the commander told him to ‘f*** off’ and not to bother him about his injuries.

“’My wounds were not being properly dealt with. My commander couldn’t care. That’s when I started to question ‘Why am I doing this?’ That finished it for me. I suddenly realized that of the six friends I had joined up with, all but one was dead. My arm was messed up, my home lost. Some doctors wanted money I didn’t have to let me out. Others insisted I was good to fight despite my injuries. So why should I go back to the front? I stopped caring. They know where I am. Let them come for me. I’ll never fight again. I won’t be their meat anymore’, the soldier-turned-deserter, concluded.”

President Zelensky sacked all the heads of the regional mobilization offices. The price to escape mobilization was around $7,000 to $8,000.

Since the authorities started to crack down, the ‘services’ did not stop, but the price tag had soared to about $20,000.

The frequency ‘Volga 149.200’ can be used by Ukrainian troops to learn how to surrender.

Meanwhile, the Russian forces have started to tag walls with an important information: the radio frequency that Ukrainian soldiers can tune into to find how to surrender.

Slavyangrad reported:

“In Zaporozhye, on the streets, local underground fighters began placing signs with the call sign “Volga” and the already known frequency 149.200, on which one can surrender.

According to current statistics, according to this frequency, more than 800 people have already surrendered. who chose life. The topic gradually seeps through the enemy’s information cap.”

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