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EXCLUSIVE | J6 Police Body Cam Footage Is Uncovered by The Gateway Pundit’s Alicia Powe – Troves of Body Cam Footage Listed and Linked Below


Hours after House Speaker Mike Johnson released a portion of the thousands of hours of J6 footage Congress withheld for years, the bogus narrative propagated by the government and mainstream media surrounding the “insurrection” is crumbling.

Cops are seen standing idly by as demonstrators peacefully walk through the building.

Footage of the most investigated demonstration in FBI history shows rioters trying to overthrow the most powerful government on earth armed with cameras, selfie sticks and flags in an attack that federal judges, the Department of Justice and Democrat lawmakers claim was worse than 9/11 and Pearl Harbor.

The first batch of videos was released Friday afternoon. Just 90 videos with no sound, comprising approximately 15 hours of the fedsurrection, are now available to review on the Committee on House Administration website. Rep. Johnson has promised to upload more in the days ahead.

It’s unclear whether the total video dump will include body cam footage from DC Metropolitan Police Officers or Capitol Police, but it is unlikely.  When The Gateway Pundit went to the House Administration media room, we were told we could only access footage from Capitol security cameras and various police divisions hold the police bodycam footage.

J6 political hostages are being sentenced to years in prison for misdemeanor trespassing and non-violent crimes as the GOP conspicuously stalls a full release of the footage. What is the government hiding?

Meanwhile, Sedition Hunting, an international fascistic operation assisting the FBI with the arrest of every America First “chud” on the Capitol ground during the riot, is steadily underway.

Sedition Hunters compile CCTV footage and police body cams diligently following January 6 and credit themselves with “building entire cases” against J6ers “for the FBI from soup to nuts.”

The alleged-volunteer army of “internet sleuths,” including data scientists, academic researchers and software engineers, have created at least a dozen websites and sophisticated databases dedicated to identifying J6ers, even utilizing facial recognition software to incarcerate its political opposition in the name of “protecting democracy.”

Here is a trove of links to J6 police body camera footage:


TIME                  CAM #                       LINK                                                                                                          LOCATION                                                        

11:21:29 AM     X6039BF88     

11:40:55 AM     X6030853K     

12:17:04 PM     X6039BK5       

12:17:05 PM     X6039BKCJ     

12:17:07 PM     X6039BJHB    

12:21:44 PM     X6039BCGW   

12:27:22 PM     X6039BFAS     

1:00:55 PM       X6039B3Q        

1:10:41 PM       X6039BF76     

1:13:15 PM       X6030252F                          LOWER WEST PLAZA

1:14:02 PM       X6039BKYG                            LOWER WEST PLAZA

1:14:45 PM       X6039BKYG         LOWER WEST PLAZA

1:15:12 PM       X6039BEYQ    

1:16:50 PM       X6039BF4W   

1:19:03 PM       X6039BEW6   

1:20:06 PM       X6039BCAU   

1:21:38 PM       X6039BGKA   

1:22:01 PM       X6039BLAL    

1:27:40 PM       X6039BJJA    

1:27:49 PM       X6039BF4W    LOWER WEST PLAZA

1:27:50 PM       X6039BJJA    

1:29:04 PM       X6039BEYR   

1:31:04 PM       X6039BEYR      LOWER WEST PLAZA

1:31:44 PM       X603BCAU      LW PLAZA

1:32:09 PM       X6039BCAU   LOWER WEST PLAZA

1:32:22 PM       X6039BBEYR   LOWER WEST PLAZA

1:32:57 PM       X6039BJJA   

1:34:00 PM       X6039BFW   

1:34:15 PM       X6039BF4W 

1:35:56 PM       X6039BCAU 

1:36:56 PM       X6039BEYR  

1:36:55 PM       X6039BEYR  

1:36:56 PM       X6039BDFC 

1:37:11 PM       X6039BD7G

1:38:13 PM       X6039BEYR 

1:39: 27 PM      X6039Bh8Q

1:39:33 PM       X6039BEYR

1:39:39 PM       X6039BF4W

1:39:44 PM       X6039BA0P

1:39:58 PM       X6039BF4W

1:40:57 PM       X6039BEYR

1:44:27 PM       X6039BJJA

1:47:16 PM       X6030478K

1:50:05 PM       X6039BD0P

1:53:40 PM       X6039BKNU

1:53:41 PM       X6039BKEB

1:53:42 PM       X6039BFSE

1:53:44 PM       X6039BKH5

1:54:33 PM       X6039BF8S

1:55:55 PM       X6039BEWQ

1:56:45 PM       X6039BA90

1:57:49 PM       X6039BD5M

1:59:32 PM       X6039BFMV

1:59:38 PM       X6039BA90

1:59:42 PM       X6039BJ07 

1:59:47 PM       X603BF8S   

1:59:48 PM       X6039BBIA  

1:59:48 PM       X6039BFMU 

1:59:53 PM       X6039BF4W

2:02:11 PM       X6039BFEY 

2:04:48 PM       X6039BA66

2:07:19 PM      X6039BBOE 

2:07:46 PM      X6039BCNH

2:08:59 PM      X6039BCN8

2:09:50 PM      X6039BKEB 

2:10:36 PM      X6039BFMU

2:10:44 PM      X6039BCNH

2:11:10 PM      X6039B8Z3  

2:13:12 PM      X6039BJJT   

2:14:04 PM      X6039BEYR  

2:14:13 PM      X6039BH8Q 

2:15:44 PM      X6039BA6R 

2:17:54 PM      X6039BD5P 

2:21:00 PM      X6039BJRP  

2:21:30 PM      X6039BF3E  

2:22:48 PM      X6039A8QA 

2:22:51 PM      X6039BLDK 

2:22:53 PM      X6039BF76  

2:22:57 PM      X6039BEVY  

2:22:58 PM      X6039BEER  

2:22:58 PM      X6039BEER  

2:23:20 PM      X6039BH8Q

2:24:43 PM      X6039BJK6  

2:24:57 PM      X6039BCZM

2:25:49 PM      X6039BJAA 

2:25:58 PM      X6039BJ04  

2:27:45 PM      X6039BJJA  

2:29:15 PM      X6039BEWQ

2:32:29 PM      X6039BKU6

2:33:11 PM      X6039BJAA 

2:33:45 PM      X6039BJAA 

2:34:06 PM      X6039BJJA    UPPER WEST PLAZA

2:35:11 PM      X6039BJJA  

2:36:09 PM      X6039BKU6

2:36:37 PM      X6039BKU6

2:36:41 PM      X6039AJAH

2:38:05  PM     X6039BK5E     LOWER WEST TERRACE

2:38:12 PM      X6039BKU6

2:38:16 PM      X6039B81D

2:40:15 PM      X6030478K   INSIDE TUNNEL DOOR

2:40:50 PM      X6039BH4A

2:40:52 PM      X6039BK5E    INSIDE TUNNEL DOOR

2:40:54 PM      X6039BJ57

2:40:57 PM      X6039BKGQ

2:42:16 PM      X6039BJN1

2:43:07 PM      X60639BA66   TUNNEL

2:43:13 PM      X6039BKV6

2:44:03PM       X6039BKTC  CORRIDOR

2:44:14 PM      X6039B9NP


2:44:44 PM      X6039BKV6

2:46:03 PM      X6039BKV6  CORRIDOR

2:46:33 PM      X6039BJN1

2:46:46 PM       X603BKNU  TUNNEL

2:46:55 PM       X6039BD05

2:47:35 PM       Z6039BKU6

2:48:10 PM        X6039BFQ1

2:48:10 PM        X6039BFQ1

2:49:45 PM        X6039BD07

2:50:19 PM        X6039BF8E   INSIDE

2:51:03 PM        X6039BCQN

2:52:42 PM        X6039BFSE  TUNNEL

2:52:43 PM        X6039BA71      INSIDE

2:53:30 PM        X6030478K

2:54:01 PM        X6039BES3    ROTUNDA

2:54:04 PM        X6039BF7H      ROTUNDA

2:56:23 PM        X6039BCT4    ROTUNDA, UPPER WEST TERRACE

2:56:56 PM       X6039BF85   ROTUNDA

2:57:21 PM        X6039BF8E

2:58:33 PM       X6039BD07

3:02:14 PM       X6039BFH3     ROTUNDA

3:02:22 PM       X6039B7MF   ROTUNDA

3:02:38 PM       X6039BKU6

3:02:29 PM       X6039BF3E ROTUNDA


3:03:37 PM       X6039BAA3  ROTUNDA

3:03:54 PM       X6039BJ6K

3:04:20 PM       X6039BDGY         ROTUNDA

3:05:32 PM       X6039BKU6

3:05:56 PM       X6039BJVD 

3:06:35 PM       X6039B8CK ROTUNDA

3:06:45 PM       X6039BGXT

3:06:54 PM      X6039BFB5

3:07:07 PM       X6039BGXT

3:07:20 PM       X6039BF76

3:07:33 PM       X6039BHGT            ROTUNDA

3:08:03 PM       X60399001        ROTUNDA

3:08:14 PM       X6039KBNU            TUNNEL

3:08:23 PM       X6039BF3E               TUNNEL

3:08:27 PM       X6039BCJQ

3:08:33 PM       X6039BJ5Y

3:09:32 PM      X6039B9N0    CRYPT

3:11:31 PM      X6039B8Z1    HALL OF COLUMNS

3:12:00 PM      X6039BEYS


3:18:59 PM      X6039BFH3

3:19:36 PM      X6039BKV6

3:21:14 PM      X6039BH4A

3:21:27 PM      X6039BF3E

3:22:02 PM      X6039B9WG

3:24:19 PM      X6039BEA3  ROTUNDA

3:24:13 PM      X6039BCF

3:24:23 PM      X6039BAVL

3:24:29 PM      X6039BKSH

3:25:13 PM      X6039ABXH

3:26:01 PM      X6030478K

3:30:27 PM      X6039BDFA

3:30:30 PM      X6039BF3Q

3:37:43 PM      X6039B9N0   OFFICER FANONE’S BODYCAM 

3:45:04 PM      X6039BJ4E

3:51:15 PM      X6039BJJA

3:52:13 PM      X6039BCAU

3:52:32 PM     X6039BEWQ

3:52:43 PM      X6039BFB6

3:53:45 PM      X6039BFSE

3:59:43 PM       X6030478K

4:03:17 PM       X6039BF8H    TUNNEL

4:08:38 PM      X6039BJJA

4:08:45 PM     X6039BCAU          TUNNEL 

4:09:29 PM     X6039BKEB

4:09:48 PM     X6039BKEB

4:09:59 PM     X6039BEWQ             TUNNEL

4:10:01 PM     X6039BB1A         TUNNEL 

4:10:21 PM     X6030951S

4:10:35 PM     X6039BKNU              TUNNEL 

4:10:42 PM     X6039BKNU            TUNNEL 

4:10:45 PM     X6039BFSE

4:10:54 PM     X6039BJJA TUNNEL 

4:11:12 PM     X6039BK4N  NW COURTYARD

4:13:48 PM     X6039BF8H

4:20:43 PM     X6039BJHS

4:21:05 PM     X6039BBKV 

4:21:45 PM     X6039B9WG       NW COURTYARD

4:22:02 PM     X6039B94Y 

4:25:01 PM     X6039BHJ1

4:25:22 PM     X6039BEYS

4:25:28 PM     X6039BJHS

4:25:47 PM     X6039BLCK

4:25:59 PM     X6039BCMP        NW COURTYARD 

4:26:14 PM     X6039BBKV

4:26:21 PM     X6039BJJV       TUNNEL ENTRANCE

4:26:23 PM     X6039BEYS

4:26:30 PM     X6039B8VQ

4:26:50 PM     X6039BJJV     TUNNEL ENTRANCE

4:27:00 PM     X6039BJJV    TUNNEL ENTRANCE

4:27:00 PM     X6039BHJ1

4:27:10 PM     X6039BL0C

4:27:19 PM     X6039BKUT

4:27:41 PM     X6039AAK2

4:27:53 PM     X6039BF8H

4:28:17 PM    X6039BFL0  NW COURTYARD

4:28:52 PM    X6039BEYS

4:30:32 PM    X6039BJ8Z

4:48:27 PM    X6039BK5S

4:48:27 PM    X6039BK5S

4:48:49 PM    X6039BL0C  TUNNEL ENTRANCE

4:49:15 PM    X6039BL9G

4:49:32 PM    X6039BL2P

4:52:54 PM    X6039BCVM   NE PLAZA

4:55:53 PM    X6039BL0C

5:30:26 PM    X6039BCHE

7:18:01 PM    X6039BH6K

7:19:37 PM     X6039BKDK

7:29:38 PM     X6030478K


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