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Biden falls farther into decrepitude and in the polls

President Joe Biden kicked off his 81st trip around the sun with his lowest-ever approval rating since taking office.

According to a national NBC News
poll published Sunday, 40% of registered voters approve and 57% of voters disapprove of the geriatric Democrat’s performance

Rasmussen Reports
painted a slightly rosier picture for Biden on his birthday, indicating he has an approval rating of 42% and a disapproval rating of 56%.

While America’s oldest president ever to haunt the Oval Office has been deeply unpopular for months, Biden has begun to hemorrhage support from previously staunch defenders. In September, 46% of voters in the 18-to-34 age category signaled approval for the president. According to the NBC national poll, that rating has dropped to 31%.

Biden appears to have taken a significant hit over his various foreign policy blunders as well as for his support of Israel, which radicals in his own party have taken issue with. 51% of Democratic voters figure Israel has gone too far in its war with Hamas. Only 27% of Democratic voters figure Israel’s actions are justified.

“Joe Biden is at a uniquely low point in his presidency, and a significant part of this, especially within the Biden coalition, is due to how Americans are viewing his foreign policy actions,” Democratic pollster Jeff Horwitt of Hart Research Associates,
told NBC News.

Biden’s loss of support is not occurring in a vacuum.

Former President Donald Trump was trailing Biden as of September in a head-to-head matchup according to the NBC News poll. Now, even with 91 criminal charges and a hostile media against him, Trump has a two-point lead.

Biden maintains advantages over Trump with black voters, women, and college graduates, whereas Trump leads by vast margins with white voters, men, and rural voters. Apparently, this breakdown serves the former president well in key battleground states.

A New York Times and Siena College
poll revealed earlier this month that Trump had a significant edge in five of the six most important battleground states, leading by approximately five points in Arizona; six points in Georgia; five points in Michigan; 10 points in Nevada; and four points in Pennsylvania.

Although the Democratic Party’s anti-Israeli contingent may have weighed Biden down in the latest NBC poll, it appears his age is also causing him to stumble politically.

A mid-September
Reuters/Ipsos poll, which similarly showed Trump leading in critical swing states, revealed that 77% of respondents, including 65% of Democrats, figured Biden was too old to be president. Only 39% of respondents suggested Biden had the mental sharpness to do his job.

Wall Street Journal poll similarly suggested that the supermajority of Democratic voters figured Biden was far too old to seek a second term.

These concerns appeared to have matured along with the president.

CNN survey conducted by the University of New Hampshire revealed last week that 56% of Democratic primary voters noted age was their biggest concern regarding Biden.

Biden, who
indicated last October that he “could drop dead tomorrow,” has provided cynics with plenty of reasons to doubt his ability. Beyond spending well over a year of his presidency on vacation, Biden has shown significant trouble remaining upright, having publicly fallen on numerous occasions; communication issues, struggling with simple words, confusing names, and repeating himself ostensibly for no rhetoricical benefit; and an apparent need for cue cards for instructions on how to execute basic functions.

If Democrats find it in themselves to help re-elect Biden, he will begin his second term at 82 and end at the age of 86.
According to the National Center for Health Statistics, American men can expect to live 73.2 years.

Vice President Kamala Harris, similarly struggling with a low approval rating, made clear in September that “every vice president — every vice president — understands that when they take the oath, that they must be very clear about the responsibility they may have to take over the job of being president. I am no different.”

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