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Praise the lord!

Even though I’ve spent weeks bashing the wokeness of “Miss” Universe due to its inclusion of two transgender contestants, and the fact that it’s run by a tranny as well, today we can celebrate that a real woman won the competition.

Miss Nicaragua, a beautiful, Christian woman won the Miss Universe pageant on this past Saturday. This is incredibly great news given the history of the Miss Universe competition in the past year. 

It was a pageant full of firsts for Miss Universe 2023. The Miss Universe organization is run by Anne Jakrajutatip, CEO of JKN Global Group. Of course, Jakrajutatip is a transgender woman – aka a man. The 2023 competition also permitted two transgender contestants. 

Back in July, the title of Miss Netherlands was won by 22-year-old Rikkie Vallerie Kolle. Kolle is a biological man and somehow won for all of The Netherlands, even though he’s objectively not even cute. How do you win a beauty pageant being ugly? Identity politics. 

Similarly in October, 28-year-old Marina Machete won the title of Miss Portugal. Machete is also a biological man who, with enough work done on his face and lower bits, along with pounds of makeup, passed enough as a woman to “win” for Portugal. If you ask me, Machete isn’t pretty either. But again, identity politics often trumps actual talent or beauty. 

Amid this news, the Thai based company filed for bankruptcy in early November. Supposedly, it needs to solve a “liquidity problem” and has a petition for rehabilitation set for January 29, 2024. I mean, it makes sense – get woke, go broke. Having a women’s beauty pageant run by a man featuring two biological male contestants? What a recipe for disaster.

Miss Nicaragua’s win for Miss Universe is a bigger win than it looks like, not just because Miss Nicaragua doesn’t have a penis like some of the other country winners. 

Sheynnis Palacios, a 23-year-old mental-health activist and audiovisual producer won the competition this past weekend representing Nicaragua. According to ABS-CBN News, Palacios is also a woman of faith. She admitted in an interview that she was praying during the competition “I am a Christian person, Catholic person and to me prayer is a way that [makes] me feel more comfortable… When I say thanks [to] God it is because this crown is not mine, it’s for Him. It’s all for all the delegates [inaudible] and it’s also for my country and my family.”

Holy crap! I am enjoying this win for Miss Nicaragua even more and more!

This was also the first year that married women and mothers were allowed to compete in Miss Universe and a mother even made it to the top 5. 

All in all, it’s certainly something to celebrate that a God fearing, actual woman won Miss Universe, especially when competing against people who tend to win for no beauty or talent whatsoever, but instead to push wokeism.

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