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The View wonders why other Republicans are not endorsing non-Trump candidates

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The View wonders why other Republicans are not endorsing non-Trump candidates

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The co-hosts of The View discussed the Republican Party’s 2024 presidential primary race on Tuesday, during which they expressed frustration as to why Republican lawmakers are not endorsing other nominees in the primary besides former President Donald Trump.

The former president is leading in the Republican Party’s 2024 presidential primary race against his opponents, which include Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), former Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, and business entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, among others. When pondering why others in the Republican Party were not endorsing candidates besides Trump, co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin suggested that it came down to “money and power” and said there was “a multibillion industry” around the former president.


“Yes, he controls the RNC and the other party committees, the NRSC, the RNCC, but he also — there is a revolving door of, basically, political influencers who came about during the Trump era, through him platforming them and him amplifying them,” Griffin said. “People like the Charlie Kirks and the Candace Owenses, they wouldn’t have existed without the MAGA side of things. And then you have the fact that there’s think tanks that have been set up to perpetuate MAGA-ism. People are making so much money off of him despite the fact that he’s lost for Republicans since 2018.”

The View (11/21/2023)

Fellow co-host Sara Haines added that she wondered why Republican candidates did not “immediately” endorse another candidate besides Trump, but she noted the Republican Party’s Iowa caucus is not until January 2024. Because of this, she said there was time to “give everyone a beat” to know who the other Republican candidates are, as Trump has taken most of the spotlight in the primary.

“We have known Donald Trump since the ’80s when he was an awful real estate person, then The Apprentice, and then a really bad president, but now all we hear about is the indictments,” Haines said. “He has the microphone. Everyone knows who he is. We need to keep putting other people forward to give them alternatives.”


On Monday, Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS) announced his endorsement for Trump, calling for the Republican Party to “unite behind President Trump” and “end the political primary charade.” The endorsement comes only a day after Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) announced his endorsement of the former president, saying that the United States needs a president “who is going to restore world peace.”

Biden announced earlier this year that he would seek reelection in 2024, meaning that voters could see a rematch between him and Trump after the two ran against each other in 2020. Recent polling data show a very tight race between a hypothetical rematch between the two, though Trump notably won 46% of the vote from voters aged 18-34, ahead of Biden’s 42%.

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