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Whitlock on why he’s ripped Deion Sanders & Colorado all football season

If there’s one name that’s been on Jason Whitlock’s mind lately, it’s Deion Sanders — but not without good reason.

“At this point, Deion Sanders has more in common with Jim Jones than with Nick Saban,” Whitlock says, adding that the notorious cult leader “used a mash-up of Christian theology, Marxism, racial idolatry, and social justice” on his followers.

70% of Jones’ followers were black, and 45% of them were black women.

Those tactics that Jones used to reel his followers in “have been combined and used repeatedly to make fools of black Americans too often,” Whitlock says, noting that Deion Sanders’ tactics haven’t been much different.

“Black people find racialized religious doctrine irresistible in hopes of building an oppression-free football paradise in Boulder, Colorado,” Whitlock says.

Sanders has fanatically brought up God and the hood where he came from, and even went so far as to claim that he made white people uncomfortable.

“That’s Deion Sanders doing his Jim Jones impersonation.”

Whitlock can’t help but notice that on the same day, 45 years after Jim Jones convinced his followers to join in a mass suicide, Deion’s team suffered a massacre of their own.

The team was fighting for last place in the Pac-12 conference when the Washington State Cougars destroyed Deion’s team 56-4.

“For those of you who drank the ‘Coach Prime’ Kool-Aid, thankfully all you will suffer is wounded pride and ego,” Whitlock says.

“What I hope is this is a teachable moment about the dangers of falling for a cult of personality, of pledging allegiance to anyone based on skin color rather than a set of values throughout the football season.”

Sanders, who unapologetically chases money, popularity, youth, material possessions, sex, pride and racial justice, has finally been shown for what he really is.

“Deion does not want to grow up. He’s made youthfulness an idol. The gold chains, the hoodie, the sunglasses, the friendship with rappers half his age are all symptoms of his fear of aging,” Whitlock explains.

“His leadership style is inappropriate, immature, poisonous, corrosive,” he adds.

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