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Time To Get Up Off Your Knees NFL

It’s About Respect

I get it! We all have the right to free speech and those kneeling for our National Anthem absolutely have the right to do so. It’s about respect! It’s about showing respect to the country that affords you the right to make millions playing a game. It’s about showing respect to those who literally put it all on the line to defend what it is the flag stands for, the freedoms so many take for granted!

That’s one of the best things about the 1st amendment in this country, it protects one’s right to be a complete and utter disrespectful jackass. That same 1st amendment is also extended to our President and to the private entities the kneeling NFL players represent.

According to The Gateway Pundit,

President Trump lashed out at NFL players protesting the national anthem on Friday while at a campaign rally for Senator Luther Strange (R-AL).

President Trump brought up the NFL players who disrespect our flag and our country by taking a knee during the National Anthem in protest.

The crowd went wild after Trump said, “Wouldn’t you love to see one of the NFL owners, when someone disrespects our flag, to say ‘get that son of b*tch off the field right now! Out! He’s fired! He’s fired!”

The crowd erupted into cheers and started chanting, “USA! USA! USA!”

The fake news media will NEVER report in the fact that many Americans are becoming fed up with the idiocy that has surrounded the actions taken by a handful of disrespectful athletes. Athletes that take for granted want it is they have, the luxury afforded them as they get paid millions to play a game. Then they use this pedestal to promote a narrative most know nothing about nor have the majority even confronted when it comes to the alleged police brutality that they equate with kneeling for our National Anthem.

Nonetheless it’s safe to say that the NFL’s ratings are steadily declining.

CNN of all outlets reports,

NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” in the first two weeks of the regular season is down 7% in viewership compared to last year; ESPN’s “Monday Night Football,” is down 5%; and the averages of Sunday afternoon games on Fox and CBS are down 11% and 19% respectively, according to Nielsen data. Also, CBS hasn’t yet had a 4:25 p.m. national game this season, which usually brings in the biggest viewership of the weekend.

It’s obvious people are fed up with the politicization of the NFL and even sports as a whole as ESPN has also seen a mass exodus of viewers as they lecture us about black lives matter type nonsense nearly every day!

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