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Trump Saving the Children from Satanic Pedophile Cults

The lefts infatuation with the group known as “QAnon” has hit a fever pitch as of late. In case you are unaware of what exactly “QAnon” is—it is better known as “Q” and “anonymous”.

QAnon is essentially a message board sharing posts that provide a unique take on current events. Some believe that “Q” is President Trump himself, while others think it may be his administration providing insight to events taking place on the inside.

Anonymous is the people. Everyone who is diligently speaking out, doing their research, and piecing together the current events of the day. The news media has become so one-sided that QAnon is looked to by many as an alternate source. An outlet to get a very real perspective as to how the deep state is being taken apart piece by piece.

Q Takes on Pedophilia

One of the many topics addressed by QAnon is the idea that the deep state and highest levels of government are riddled with pedophile rings. In reality, it’s not all that hard to believe given what we know so far about Jeffrey Epstein.

Countless names have cropped up on alleged flight manifestos to his private island where horrid and disgusting acts are said to have taken place. These names allegedly include everyone from elected government officials to artists and many Hollywood elites.

Above is a post from Anonymous dating back to 2017 touching on the idea that the pedophile networks are being dismantled. Those who are behind these pedo rings are being brought to justice and the children are being rescued.

The narrative driven by QAnon seems to be getting to the left. They are moving forward trying to claim QAnon is just a bunch of right-wing conspiratorial nuts. The media has even gone as far as to confront Trump in a press conference asking him if he is “secretly saving the world from a satanic cult of pedophiles and cannibals.”

Child Sex Trafficking Rings Broken Up Around the Country

QAnon has touched on the topic of child sex trafficking rings for quite some time now. While coming under fire for daring to speak about this topic—it’s beginning to look like they are being vindicated.

Over the past week, two news stories have come to the fore outlining the grave reality that child sex trafficking is happening right before our very eyes. You wouldn’t think so given the fact that the mainstream media stays far from this topic. It’s easy to see why given the fact that their very own Bill Clinton and others within the deep state and Hollywood have had ties to the likes of Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein.

According to a report by CBS News,

The U.S. Marshals Service found 39 missing children in Georgia over two weeks in a mission known as “Operation Not Forgotten,” the agency announced in a press release Thursday. The operation led to the rescue of 26 children and the safe location of 13 others.

“These missing children were considered to be some of the most at-risk and challenging recovery cases in the area, based on indications of high-risk factors such as victimization of child sex trafficking, child exploitation, sexual abuse, physical abuse, and medical or mental health conditions,” the press release reads. 

“Other children were located at the request of law enforcement to ensure their wellbeing,” the release continues. “USMS investigators were able to confirm each child’s location in person and assure their safety and welfare.” 

Another report by 19 News out of Ohio outlines the rescue of another 200 children,

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – About 200 children are missing right now in Northeast Ohio.

They may be in danger and they need our help, and a task force is making progress tracking them down.

Operation Safety Net recovered 25 missing children in its first two weeks, and the sting is continuing right now.

The task force, led by U.S. Marshals, is working with local partners to get endangered kids to safety.

“These are kids that have been abused, neglected. Some involved in human trafficking,” said U.S. Marshal Pete Elliott.

Elliott has seen the nightmares many missing children have suffered.

“Sometimes the situations they—they go to, believe it or not, may be better than the situations they left from,” Elliott said.

It is clear that child sex trafficking running rampant throughout our country. As federal law enforcement continues to crack down on these horrific acts we must remain vigilant. There are sinister forces at work here with connections that go beyond what is being reported on by the mainstream media.

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