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Former Legislator Opens Law Firm in New York, Calls on Hong Kong Expats to Continue Hong Kong Spirit

Dennis Kwok Wing-hang, a former member of the Hong Kong Legislative Council who left Hong Kong in early 2021, recently posted on social media that he had started a law firm in New York. He encouraged expatriate Hong Kongers to continue the spirit of Hong Kong people.
According to some scholars, it’s estimated that after the Anti-extradition Movement in 2019, about 150,000 people leave Hong Kong each year and move to other countries. Predictions indicate that more will leave in the future. Scholars have launched alliances to help those who left Hong Kong.
In the early morning of May 3, Kwok posted on Facebook that he, like many Hong Kong people around the world now, had to find new directions and goals for himself. He said he’s very grateful to have found good partners to open a law firm with in New York and continue his legal work. He will continue to work as a Senior Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School.

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