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Red States Ramp up Police, Troops Deployments to US Southern Border

Republican-led states are gradually committing more of their state’s National Guard troops and law enforcement officers to support operations to secure portions of the U.S. southern border.
The troop and police deployments come as border officials are still evaluating how the repeal of Title 42 impacts cross-border traffic flow into the United States. Following the outbreak of COVID-19, U.S. officials invoked Title 42 to turn away and expel migrants under public health justifications.
Many red state troops and police officers are headed to Texas, where Republican Gov. Greg Abbott has been using his state’s National Guard and police resources to set up razor wire fences and other barriers along their border with Mexico. Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) officers and National Guard troops were seen turning people back earlier this month after they attempted to cross into the U.S. illegally….

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